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Look Like a Beauty and Train like a Beast

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IMG 6500 2


 WHY? Because it is what I love to do,
 IMG 5904Rock a pair of boxing gloves and curl my hair too.

Shuffle to my left, shuffle to my right, And then get dressed up for a special date night.

Punches and kicks to my head do not bother me, It makes me feel confident in my little black tee.

Sweaty and smelly hand wraps I really
need to remember to wash,IMG 6507 2IMG 6505 2 Then off too perfume, amazing lotion and sport my red lip gloss.

Jab, cross followed by a roundhouse kick, blonde hair, brown hair, these days pink is the color I pick.

Training with the boys side by side, it is the tomboy in me, after, I will go home to kiss my babies, it it a much softer side they see.

Try to corner me and I will use my skills to punch you back, my kids are the only ones I let fierce upon me, the only ones I let attack

It is not all that it seems, it's not all black and white, it's my passion, my dream, I just LOVE to fight!!!

When I first looked at these photos taken, I was like OMG there's NO way I'm posting these, I look awful!!!! Talk about no filter...geez. haha BUT you know what? The more I thought about it, I said to myself...this is real life. THIS is hard work, this is getting it done and the reality of it is... after I take my head gear off,  if my red lipstick is STILL on, I wasn't working hard enough!!!

It is OK to look like hard work! Earn your damn showers. Then go get dressed like you own the joint. Go be the beauty you are!!!!!IMG 6277



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