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IMG 1224 3 "12 Rounds of Wellness Through Nutrition and Wellness" 

Finally it is ALL coming together! "12 Rounds" is a program I have created that I am super proud of!

It is an accumulation of all the knowledge I have heavily researched and have learned from the best sources in the industry and is proof of years and years to be tried and true.

The ONLY problem I have right now is summing it up in this article to help you understand the transition and transformation that will happen within my program. The journey you and I will take together, and yes I am there every step. It is very one on one, VERYIMG 9027 personal! It will be nothing short than an amazing experience internally and externally! It is you and I teaming up and the first thing we will do is throw the "diet" word into the fire and watch it burn with all the other "fad" macro counting, calorie counting, low fat, no carb nonsense that would make even ME run for the hills and never look back!

IMG 8923All I ask from you is to be  honest with yourself and in return I will give you my all! 

"12 Rounds" Outline goes a little something like this:

"When you nourish your body with pure energy, you transform from the inside out."

12 Rounds Workout:

Each workout regardless of how I personally gear it towards YOUR individual goals IS 12 rounds. 

2 or 3 minute rounds with 30 second rest in between!

I have packages from 1 day, 2 or 3 days a week!

12 Rounds Nutrition

1. For 2 weeks you will journal on your own so I can get a good handle on your lifestyle. It is NOT just about the food, but the nutrients you are getting, seeIMG 1151 what you may be lacking, see what you need more of AND I see the kinds of foods you like to eat and do my best to incorporate and keep them in your journey to a healthier life style!

Your journal should look something like this:

A.) Time you start eating and continue to document throughout your day and letting me know what time your last meal was

B.) Supplements/Vitamins you take

C.) Water intake

D.) Any kind of physical activity you do and what your life style consists of 

*Submit journal weekly (a reminder from me will go out every Thursday to submit it with a  screen shot in Email or text)

 2. After I review each journal entry, I will then begin to calculate and explain to you the understanding of protein intake, carbohydrates, healthy fats, fibers, supplements etc. so you have a better understanding on what these do for you and your health!

I will also explain the importance of portion size and what they are without having to measure out your food. I will explain the pairing and timing of foods through out the day. The difference between pre and post workout meals and supplements/vitamins geared towards your goals and recovery as well!

We will go over grocery lists, lemon water, the importance and how to incorporate Green Tea and lets not forget the BEST day of all...your "free day" and all the benefits mentally, physically, and emotionally that go along with it.

IMG 1214IF you have read this this far, you are probably pretty curious and serious about wanting to make as change, but might be feeling a bit overwhelmed how this could and would all play out! Well, that is why we do it in steps. Reading this and actually scheduling a call to talk about it step by step and me being your "tour guide" will make it THAT much easier to navigate through this until you are ready to spread your own wings and take over the navigation process!!!!

3. I will send recipes, meals and snack ideas as I learn new ones as well!

We HAVE to work our mind like we work our muscles, otherwise what happens to our muscles if we do not keep training them???? YEP! Same with our minds!!! It is mostly mindset and I am here for you all the way!

4. After we have accomplished you keeping track after 2 weeks of your lifestyle, I will send you a binder filled with all the things we just talked about along with 2 weeks of pre written meal suggestions and times for you to follow. It will take out the guess work, which is why I feel like you are reading this in the first place......not knowing where to begin! On one side of the journal will be MY recommended meals and on the other side will be what you actually were able to do.

*We submit our journals weekly, again with a reminder text and email on Thursday!

5. When we feel the time is right after journal submissions and you getting your feet wet with this new road map and weekly phone calls, we will set up and you will then create your OWN food journal prior to the week!

If we plan, we have more control on the outcome of events to take place and choices we make, in ANYTHING! What do you think would happen if I do not  prepare for a fight.....I would step into that ring unprepared and chances are the outcome might not be as successful as if I HAD prepared to the best of my ability! My trainers and coaches always make sure I am prepared and that is what I want to do for you!!!! We do certain drills so that when I get into that ring, it becomes automatic. This is how I am going to set you up....or better yet how you 'll start setting your own self up, for SUCCESS!!!

We will review your journal and get you ready for the week ahead! AND, just like you would write next to the one I did for you, you will write down next to the food meals YOU planned!

6. WE will do this weekly for however long our time together is. Which brings me to my last point! I would NOT recommend anything less than 3 months with me. THAT is the short end of it. It probably did not take 3 months, 6 months or probably a year to get to where you are... There is NO secret, there is only consistency and honesty. NO matter what your goals are or where you are at in your journey from being an athlete to never picking up a weight in your life, I am confident I can work with you and exceed your expectations by working with you!

I have packages from:

3 Months

6 Months

12 Months

ALL including:

  • Katie Mom Champ T-ShirtIMG 1821
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Guidance and expertise in hair issues (I have been a licensed Cosmetologist for over 20 years..having worked 17 of those in a very high end Salon. I have done extensive research on hair loss and hair health)
  • Guidance and expertise in inflammation, joint pain, trouble recovering
  • Weekly calls
  • Unlimited text messages with questions and or concernsIMG 1822

I want to help you establish a LIFE STYLE change and set you up for success! Like I mentioned earlier, this program was going to be online so it could run on its own. I realize by doing that I would be able to manage a lot more clients, but I would be missing out on that one on one connection and direct smiles I get when my clients text me with photos and a persevering glow that shines through their photos! Seeing it come from within personally is what sets my passion for this on fire! So for right now I have decided to continue to fill the slots I am able to give 120 percent too and keep doing what I am doing and I guess we could call it "old school" hahahha There is something to be said about that type of connection.

IMG 6651 2    Are you ready to set up a consultation call with me to get you started? BECAUSE honestly........ it really is just that easy!

    "The you in 5 years needs you not to give up right now!!!!!"

  Always Grateful,




Follow me on Instagram: @katiemomchamp

Phone: 708-822-0403

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I COULD make a list of all my credentials and brag about who and what I do and  when we talk I would be MORE than happy to send and list my experience in being a martial artist, kickboxing fighter champion, boxing fighter champion, certified NESTA personal trainer, mom of three that had 3 c-sections, ETC. for OVER 20 years!!!!! BUT,  actions always speak louder than words.....let me SHOW you!!!!!

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