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Stylist are good multi-taskers and Love to get Creative

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 How else would you explain me being able to color my own hair in my bathroom all while taking care of my kids?! lol IMG 1662something I DO NOT recommend!

I think all stylists/colorists are great multi-taskers we kind of  have to be! We all have our own strengths and specialize in them. I believe we are all very different, but what we all do have in common is we love the freedom of expression through our work! There is this relaxed creativity that is not black and white but has an artistic gray area we get to shade in as our own! Not being able to visit my salon, Salon Lorrene in Palatine,  tonight I took matters into my own stylist hands and I choose pink for myself as literally my own! It gives me that little lift I need in this COVID-19 time to feel a little less frumpy, a little less ordinary and a little more fun! Taking care of ourselves! MORE OF THAT!!!!!


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