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Sunflower Butter!! Yay? or Nay???

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IMG 0722 IMG 2045I started eating sunflower seeds a long time ago for one reason and one reason only,  when I was going through a hair loss phase at a very young age I did some heavy research on natural approaches to help keep the scalp and hair follicles strong and healthy, which I promise you will be an article all on its own!!!

What I found was A, they taste really good! B, I felt a little cooler because the baseball players eat them all the time, although I never did master the art of taking the seeds apart while in my mouth like the baseball players do, I still felt pretty cool. Last but not least is C, they are packed to the max with vitamin E which helps keep our skin healthy and strong, it contains anti-inflammatory properties, helps keep our scalp healthy,  it reduces thinning hair and early male and female pattern baldness, alopecia aerate.TRUE STORY!!!! 

THEN!!!! Sunflower butter came into my life with a brown rice cake and its been a real party ever since! If I want to get REAL crazy, I will drizzle some yummy immune boasting honey over it ..which is JUST normal honey!!! This is actually a staple I bring with me and eat before I fight or train. Do NOT be afraid of healthy fats. It is almost imperative your body gets them to be fueled properly to run better.


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