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What Sets Your Soul On Fire?

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 My family is my life. PERIOD.  I often get asked why I decided to start training and actually fighting again after fifteen years? I struggle sometimes,  more times than not with thinking, is it ok to have time for me. I believe they call that "mom guilt" and it is real, especially in doing something very outside the norm of motherhood.

Sometimes I get caught up in ALWAYS wanting to be with my kids and giving them my all ALL the time. They hug me thirty nine  times before I walk out the door and get sad every Monday and Wednesday evening before I  go train. There were times I would take my oldest two with me, but with covid I can not. I could stay home, and that's OK too. But I think that maybe I hope they see a mother who is tough and courageous not afraid to go after her unfinished dreams and pursue her passion, something that sets her soul on fire! A mother who works her ass off for what she wants and  believes in. I hope they see a dad and husband who is beyond supportive and encourages me to be ME! And to be"me" this is a major part of who I am and when my tank is full it helps me to go to the ends of the earth to make sure all of theirs are as well!

I want to see what happens if I DON'T give up. They have experienced  me loosing once for a champion kickboxing belt this past year, only to have kept striving and accomplish getting a boxing championship belt seven months later. It then became clear to me, which version of me is the better role model for them. 

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