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What is your hardest time of the day with or without having kids?

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pexels pixabay 280254        For me I would say mornings. I use to be such an early riser, but being a busy mom of three, and big dogs, has made me want to absorb any sleep or rest I can, which is not much seeing as though my kids like to get an early start around 6:30 usually, 6:00 on school days.

     SO when we get up I get a little overwhelmed , our dogs have to go out, be fed, they need water etc etc etc!!! I often find myself scrambling for everyone else. I realized one morning I just REALLY wanted a cup of  coffee first, and I took a second and thought....wait! I CAN have that cup of coffee! I CAN eat a little something, or even wash my face and go to the bathroom first!!!!! I was SO excited when I realized that it was OK to put myself first. The airlines say it best, you have to put YOUR oxygen mask on FIRST before you can properly take care of others. As important as it is that the kids do need routine, at times I find myself getting lost in their needs and routines, we mothers often forget our own. 

I have found when we enlighten our children that WE are important too, it teaches them to think outside of themselves ...(don't get me wrong, they don't always! trust me ha!) but at times they will ask for stuff in the morning now and they will say "when you are done with blablabla, can you!!? I thank them for seeing that and being considerate and not DEMAND 100 things  from me right off the bat. I mean don't get me wrong, I don't have like a seven course gourmet meal while my kids are begging for water, but you get the picture!

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