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Victory and Defeat

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 IMG 5383In life there is victory and defeat. That is just life. We all know that. Sometimes we do our very best and still fall short, and no it doesn't make the feeling of loss ok, but it can give us a sense of peace within as long as in your heart of hearts you can answer yourself honestly. Did I do my very best?? Did I do everything I could? Was I able to master my mind?

There are times we fall short because the mental block we put on ourselves interferes with our performance. Sometimes we lose mentally before the task at hand even takes place. "Sometimes you have to choose between physical suffering in the moment, and the mental anguish of wondering if that one missed pull-up, that last lap in the pool, the quarter mile I skipped on the road or trail, would end up costing me an opportunity of a lifetime. It was an easy choice, I wasn't leaving anything up to chance!" (David Goggins) Did you do everything you could to prepare for the event? 

I think it is easier to leave it behind knowing we could have not done one more thing, that we couldn't have dug ANY deeper within ourselves within that situation. Whatever that situation may be to have changed the outcome. One of my trainers long ago taught me that. It has stuck heavily until this day. In David Goggins, "Can't Hurt Me" book I have read many times on how to help conquer my own mental anxiety I have before I fight or want to accomplish anything.

These particular sections in his book are some of my favorites...

"Taking souls is a ticket to finding your own reserve and riding a second wind. It's the tool you can call upon to win any competition or overcome every life obstacle. You can utilize it to win a chess match, or conquer an adversary in a game of office politics. And yes, it can be used to conquer all manner of physical challenges. I'm not saying to dominate someone or crush their spirit. They never even have to know you are playing this game. This is a tactic to be your best when duty calls. It's a mind game you're playing on yourself. Gaining someones soul means you have gained a tactical advantage above them."

"You must do your own homework. Know your terrain you are operating in. When and where to push the boundaries, and when you should fall in line. Next, take inventory of your mind on the eve of your battle. List out your insecurities and weakness, as well as our opponents. For instance, if you are getting bullied, you know where you fall short or feel insecure. You can stay ahead of any insults or barbs a bully may throw your way. Feelings are just feelings. Laughing at your weaknesses won't solve the problem. You must master them."

"Again, know the terrain, know ourself and you'd better know your adversary in detail. Once you're in the heat of battle, it comes down to staying in power. That means rehearsing answers to the simple questions that is sure to rise up like a thought bubble: "WHY AM I HERE?" If you know that moment is coming and have your answers ready, you will be equipped to make the split second-decision to ignore your weakened mind and keep moving. Know why IMG 1533 2you're in the fight to stay in the fight. And never forget that all emotional and physical anguish is finite. It all ends eventually."

"No matter what you and I achieve, in sports,buisness, or life, we can't be satisfied. Life is too dynamic of a game. We are either getting better or we are getting worse. Yes, we need to celebrate our victories. There's power in victory that is transformative, but after our celebration we should dial it down, dream up new training regimens, new goals and start at zero the very next day." 

"It's about wanting it like there's no tomorrow-because there might not be. It's about thinking of everyone else before yourself and developing your own code of ethics that sets you apart from others. One of those ethics is the drive to turn every negative into a positive."

I could literally quote this whole book by David Goggins, and although I feel he may come off  a bit egotistical in some interviews, I would as well if I had gone what this guy had went through ha. This book, these pages, his words have hit home to help change my mindset on many things and not just when I get into the ring or train for a fight, but in life. It is a good read!!!!! I am certain every single person would take away a thing or two if you were to read it. I have underlined, read..reread and read it again hahaha. 

IMG 3554You are only going to cheat yourself if you do not live this life and take risks, chances, get out of your comfort zone no matter what, in victory or defeat to help your soul grow. I can almost promise you questions will come when you least expect it.  Why am I here? Why am I doing this? Did I do my best? Can I walk away with my head held high? Be true to yourself. Always give it your all. Live with no regrets in victory and defeat no matter what situations arise in your life. 

The beautiful thing is we get a choice.

How are you going to react in victory? 
How are you going to react in defeat?

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