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What Comforts you, Makes you Feel More at Peace, and Brings out the inner Child in You?

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IMG 5616IMG 5600What is something that makes you feel like YOU? If I get lost within the days of a busy week or an overwhelming day, I need to collect my thoughts. I turn my favorite music on and go for a ride in my Jeep Wrangler!

I have had a jeep ever since I was 18. Every single time I tried to switch it up to another vehicle other than a jeep, I always found myself going back to one. My jeep is my "ride or die" hahahah. It is like an old comfortable shoe that fits my personality, fits my tomboy/sporty style, and it just makes my soul smile!

If there was a place to take it off roading near my house, you better believe I would be there getting some mud on these tires!

We can sometimes get lost in motherhood, work, social media, and LIFE! It can be overwhelming. My jeep is one of the things that reminds me to be an individual! It is OK to still be ME, and reassuring that to myself is very comforting when I sometimes forget. Hold on to you, do not let him or her go, it's what our soul is built on! Our foundation of growth! Lets change, grow and evolve, but please don't loose your soul along the way or your core self. Whatever it is that sparks peace, that inner child to bring you back to yourself, don't let that slip away. 

IMG 5318IMG 5982Today I took my boys and the inner child in me for a ride in my Jeep.
My daughter Brooklyn was at Gram and Papa's. I grew up with brothers and I am now a mama to two boys. As a result, I am not afraid to get dirty! I let my hair down and got dirty and dusty with my boys at a ball park

Their innocence and simplicity took over and I wanted to live in THEIR world for the day!!!! Maybe I shouldn't have worn a white shirt hahahah but I honestly didn't care. When we left, I took that peace and memory and am storing it in a good place in my heart. 

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