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NO Gym? No Babysitter? No problem!

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 IMG 1508 2We can always make up a million excuses to why we have no time or do not workout. Here is a little secret, you can pretty much workout anywhere. You don't have to make it to the gym or do your regular routine to get it done. You don't need a ton of time or fancy equipment and here's the best part! You can even have fun while you do it! What a concept!

I don't have my kids with me today but they sure as heck could be here while I do this workout. When my kids and I  walked over here to our park the other day all I did was look around and realize I could use this park as a great workout! Most people have a park near by their house and with a little visualization you can make a killer workout in like twenty five or thirty minutes. And if you have trouble doing that, that is what I am here for, to help you get it done just about anywhere with any time restraints you may have!  

I saved myself driving time, changing time, talking time and avoided uncontrolled germs that could be floating around in the air. I got a killer workout working just about every body part with no expense other than a pull up assist band and a resistance band. In this video I used the resistance band for my lateral side steps which is a GREAT glute and leg burner!. If I would have brought my kids  with me, my workout could have been even longer because I wouldn't have had to go back home as quickly and I could totally keep an eye on them while I workout. 


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