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A Craft For All Ages That Helps Expand Their Creativity and Appreciation For what they Made Themselves

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60531488283 5BFC5C8B 3DF5 4C5B 9DD3 310438ADCFA9Crafts are a major thing in our house, before COVID hit, I would just browse Micheals Crafts. Not only do I love that store I love the smell of it haha. It is the ONLY store if I forget something,  I am more than happy to turn around and go back!

   IMG 7076Finding crafts to do with each of my kids as they get older and are at different ages can be a bit challenging but when I do come across a winner that all 3 enjoy including myself, it is a super bonus!!!  I was not sure about these quilt making kits, I  found them on Amazon due to the lack of me venturing out these days to my favorite store.

Dante my oldest who will be turning 8 on Halloween LOVES to build and create! His thing is legos, his room looks like little lego land and I will love to show you that one day so I thought maybe he would be interested in creating his own pattern with these quilts!!! Turns out, him and my daughter are totally into it! My little guy who just turned 3 loves to cuddle with the fabric so I consider him involved as well hahah (I think we are going to make one for him for Christmas). To be honest I may just snatch one up and make one for myself.

It is the perfect timing now for our Chicago drop in temperature and snow flurries we had this past week to have to stay inside more and start another blanket. Dante WAS really into the creating his own pattern part of this blanket, but the tying is definitely something I had to help with the most. I didn't mind because it was relaxing and somewhat therapeutic with the soft fabric. I would just zone out a bit while I tied the squares together. 

Next up is Brooklyn's blanket! And like I mentioned, these could be great Christmas gifts or birthday gifts to make, or to buy someone as a gift in itself. I did buy another brand for Brooklyn as first and I returned it because the quality of the fleece fabric was not as good as these Melissa and Doug ones. They are really soft and thick and definitely big enough to use a a blanket to keep you warm.

  Michaels Kids Crafts

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