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Cinnamon Spice and Sometimes Not so Nice

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 Lets start with the "sometimes not so nice!" Being a mom to a little girl whose 5, a step mom to a daughter whose 17, and an Aunt to a 6 year old. I am very careful on how I talk IMG 8563
IMG 6798about my body and my goals, especially being an avid workout girl who loves her nutrition.

The other day my 5 year old daughter said to me, "Lets go workout so we can be skinny!" I asked her to come sit with me for a minute and she asked if she was in trouble. I said of course not, but I wanted her to be clear on a few things. We talked about why we workout! I told her we want to be strong not only on the outside of our bodies, but it is just as important to be strong on the inside. We talked about nutrition and fueling our bodies with what it needs to be at its strongest and healthiest. We talked about how we need to take care of ourselves. I felt brave enough to bring up the hair issue we have been having. This conversation usually ends up in an argument, but the conversation was going well so I decided to pursue it. 

 Now, I don't know how many of you have little girls who struggle with IMG 6874brushing their hair, but it is a day to day struggle for Brooklyn and I, it is also a struggle for my beautiful 7 year old niece, and it was a struggle with myself and my mom as well when I was little. When I worked in the salon behind the chair there were so many times little girls would come in to get a haircut and I would spend at least 10 minutes trying to get my brush through their hair!

They say to pick and choose your battles, but this is one battle I will keep fighting. It is not about external beauty,  but more about how she needs to know how important she is and why she is worth taking care of herself. I told her why it is important to wash her face, brush her teeth, brush her hair, and WHY we workout etc! Instead of just going through the motions, it is in hopes she will learn to value herself more and more.

The other day I bought her this little brush with a lama stuffed animal attached. I will link it below, and it has been a hit ever IMG 6818since. These photos of these girls looking angry while brushing their hair is not even real life,  real life of me brushing her hair usually ends in tears and a fight. SO the fact that she was happy to even do this was a bonus for me. She really does love using this brush! It has made a difference. I like to think our talk did too.

Lets move on to my little tid bit on two of my favorite spices, cinnamon and turmeric! 

I could have written an article JUST on these two, but how boring! So I will randomly just throw this in here because this is how my mind works at times!

IMG 2659 2Cinnamon.....It can.......Lower blood sugar, reduce heart disease, loaded with antioxidants, Anti-inflammatory properties, it could protect against cancer, it can help fight Fungal Infections, AND most importantly, it is better to use "true" cinnamon, called Ceylon vs. Cassia. other favorite spice.....I love it for its Anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants, can help with blood sugar, might help IMG 6866 2prevent and treat certain cancers, helps lower cholesterol, it could help prevent and treat Alzheimer's disease, it can help treat skin conditions, it can benefit people with depression, one last thing I will mention is that is can help treat gastrointestinal conditions.

There you have it. Cinnamon spice and sometimes not so nice haha



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