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Who Actually Has Time to Prepare Healthy Meals all the Time?

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pexels polina tankilevitch 3872370Before I was a mother of three, I use to be able to make the best well thought out salads, and now with our crazy schedules I can barely get a veggie out of the refrigerator at times, let alone prepare a nice salad and actually have time to eat It became very frustrating to me because I could not find the time to fuel my body with the right nutrients in a day.

One night I came home from work, too tired to make anything and refused to eat crap. I decided to throw everything in a blender and for dinner, I was eating chunky broccoli! I felt good about what was going into my system, It was just the consistency that was a bit tough to get down. Years later I discovered the Ninja Blender and my broccoli became a smooth blend of other flavors. I have consistently used this blender for years and it never disappoints. No matter what I blend together.

Here are some items I will consistently use in my homemade shakes. I could write a whole article on each and everyone of these, but for now, I will give you the cliff notes!

Isolate Protein Powder: I switched to  "Isolate"  whey protein powder because it is made without the lactose which leaves me with no bloat. There are many protein powders that have left me with such an uncomfortable bloated feeling. Whey Isolate also contains a higher percentage of pure protein, I am getting more bang for my buck.

Collagen: It is pretty much the glue that holds things together in your body and keeps us young. One of the many amazing things about Collagen is that is helps maintain your skin's  elasticity. When we get older our body produces less of it, which increases wrinkles. Need I say more! Also make sure it is the real deal and not filled with fake filler crap!!!!! One way to know that is it should be made with  "Bovine Hide Collagen Peptides." We can put all the perfect lotions and oils on the outside of our face, but we have to feed our bodies from the inside out!IMG 3175

Daily Turmeric: Turmeric is a super food! The benefits are endless! I take it for its major anti-inflammatory properties.

Greens: We can never get enough greens. Literally...PERIOD!

Peanut Butter: I do not always use this. I just love peanut butter so sometimes I will add this powder which tastes amazing without the huge amount of calories. 

Chlorophyll: This is actually found in plants, it absorbs light and turns it into energy. So amoung other benefits, I like it for its natural energy component. 

Flaxseed: It helps with my digestive health 

Foods: As you can see in the one photo a staple of mine is ginger, spinach and just about anything I can get my hands on in my fridge. 

KACHAVA Tribal Blend: LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!!!! If I am REALLY short on time,  starving and crabby , because I become really crabby and angry if I'm hungry lol, I will just mix the pre-made meal! I have researched most if not all the ingredients listed, because I am REALLY anal about what goes into my body. I don't drink this one all the time, I like to cutomize kind of what I want. BUT, it tastes AMAZING!!! and its literally all the vitamins and nutrients you could ever think about and filling enough as a meal replacement with adequate amount of protein!!! 


This beautiful salad photo is courtesy of Pexel's pictures.

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