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Unique Explosive Footwork Drills

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Foot work is important!

This photo shoot was fun to do especially with my training buddy Isaac. Isaac is a fighter as well so its nice we are able to IMG 1672push each other and feed off each others energy. When I'm tired and I think I'm done, I can just look at him and dig a little deeper and know I have more to give.  Do you have anyone that you can workout with that have the similar goals? Someone who might even inspires you? Isaac and I couldn't be more different in a lot of ways,  but when it comes to our passion for fighting and training we are one in the same.

I don't pretend to be able to keep up with him ALL the time. Mind you he is 22 and I'm 42, he is like the Energizer bunny in that he can just go sand go and go.  There are times I have to remind myself to say "F" it to my age and just dig deep with what I can do, not what my age can do, if that makes any sense. I'm lucky to be able to train with someone who has fierce fire in his heart for what he wants.

My point is, it does not matter who it is or their age, ask them if they want to workout at least two times a week together. You can hold each other accountable to show up and push each other if one is feeling a little blah that day. Trust me, you'll have limits you put on yourself that someone else could help you blow past if they are there. Issac was also a team player on this day to help me with this outdoor photo shoot showing some of our foot work we do in training. 

This hill is a MUCH smaller version of the hill I run near my home that I posted in the article "A Love Hate with the Hill Workout!" This thing looks like a piece of cake! Let me tell you otherwise. It kicks our butts when you have World Champion Kickboxer Tommy Bach, as your trainer, who thinks of the hardest drills to put us through involving this little hill. You do not need fancy equipment, you do not need tons of space, you do not need fancy space. What you need is YOU to show up and plan on giving it your all! That is it! You can pretty much turn any outside area into the best gym ever. 

What is pictured here in these photos are one legged thrust hop jumps up this hill. Squat jumps up this hill. Explosive sprints up this hill.. The photos of us on the curb are alternating toe taps as fast as you can go. One last drill we did was, squat jump up on the curb and come down into a burpee pushup! The rest of the photos are drills we do with pads in our class!

Find a little hill you probably pass by all the time, turn it into a gym and you'll never look at it the same after this little workout! AND all it took you was like 25-30 minutes! Let me know how it goes. Once you master that, find a bigger hill to further challenge yourself.  Goodluck!!!! 


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