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Have you ever had monk Fruit on Popcorn?

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IMG 2051IMG 2053I use to be addicted to sweeteners to avoid calories until I got pregnant and then I just quit cold turkey! I never went back. I never realized how much discomfort it caused me. We LOVE popcorn movie nights at our house, popcorn at movie theaters make me cringe and so do most store bought ones.  Popcorn is actually a great whole grain with reasonable fiber and high in several nutrients. My Father in law is actually the one who brought me an Air Dash air popper, a spray bottle with organic olive oil and some sea salt! I was Hooked!!! I buy organic popping kernels and I can control the amount of sodium and oil and watching it pop in our air popper never gets old! My love for popcorn quickly returned. My kids all love to add their own little touch to it..literally.

One day I decided to try a store bought one and noticed it had monk fruit in it, I was like what the hell is monk fruit?!  Well turns out it is in fact a non calorie sweetner, so I was like GREAT! another artificial sweetener that causes terrible side effects... but monk fruit has no known side effects it is from an actual fruit called "Buddha fruit" from Southeast Asia. I could bore you and tell you how they make it but hopefully you will take my word for it. It is healthy, it is good kettle corn and your kids will love it!!!     


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