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A Hair Tutorial: HOW to Do Your Hair When you Workout and Keep it OFF Of your Face!

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I put together a hair tutorial on HOW to do your hair to keep it off of your face when you workout! I did an article some time ago on if my hair is in my faceFullSizeRender preview when I workout it drives me crazy. I was asked to put together a video and show how to do those styles IMG 2431to almost guarantee their hair will stay out of their face, no matter how grueling of a workout you do. These have been my "go to" styles I rely on to keep my hair out of my face! I even snuck in how to do a messy bun at the end for fun! So here it goes!!!!! ENJOY!!!!!! I hope this helps.

Always Thankful, Katie 

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"Let Your Hair Do the Talking"

"NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up on your hair"-Blog Pendidikan




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