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Coconut Oil!!!!!

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 Coconut Oil...... If you went into every room in our house you would be like....WHY is there Coconut Oil tubs everywhere. This is why!IMG 4278

Lets keep this short and sweet. Just eat and bath in it and you'll be good!!! hahaha 

My skin hates winter. I use to have very oily skin and now that I am getting older my skin BEGS for me to put oil back into its pours. I think I have tried every lotion and paraffin treatment under the sun for my hands that literally crack in the cold weather. One day I tried coconut oil on them and I loved it!!! Then I just started using it on my arms....around my eyes and kept using it for different uses. I even put a little in both of my dogs dishes at diner time and on their skin. I then started using it on my kids as lotion. Not only do we smell like we are constantly going to the beach,  it is also very inexpensive and VERY effective in SO many areas!

I use to be worried about putting oil on my skin in general. I was and I am very prone to acne. I also never would think About putting oil in my skin in the summer months because naturally I thought I was going to burn easier. The truth is Coconut Oil has a certain amount of SPF in it to protect you from the UV rays. It blocks about 20% of the skins you DO still need an SPF. As far as the oily part for pour blockage...yes, it is comedogenic, which means it can in fact clog pours. So I do keep it away from the parts of my face that I feel are acne prone. 

 Here are a few of my favorite things that Coconut Oil can and will do for you!

Increases Metabolism

Boost Bone Health

Removes Stains...if you equally mix it with baking soda, it oddly helps get stains out.

You can use it as a wood polisher.

Remove Eye Makeup


Reduce Inflammation

Protect Hair From Damage

May Reduce Belly Fat

Increase Your GOOD HDL cholesterol

When used to cook at High temperatures it does not become toxic like some other oils. 

AMAZING Skin Moisturizer leaving an awesome glow!!!

Relieves skin irritation and eczema. (I have spent quit a bit of money on different lotions for my son because he has Eczema on his arm. I will tell you, ever since I started using coconut oil, it really has made a difference!) I will often mix the oil with a goat milk based lotion for more absorption and goat milk lotion also helps with skin conditions.

I am telling you Coconut Oil is the way to go!!!! If you saw my hands from working in a salon with all the products and constantly in wet hair to washing my hands like 400 times a day with kids and doing dishes, to the havoc the Cold weather here in Chicago, which makes my hands beyond dry and cracked, to my son's Eczema skin, I couldn't make all this up. Trust me, I do not write about things I do not believe in and it has worked wonders for us! You can see a video down below how simple it is to use as a moisturizer!!!!

Always Thankful, Katie 

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"Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy."-Issac Newton

"Pours Coconut Oil Over Entire Life"

"Life Happens. Coconut Oil Helps."



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