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Carbs, Fiber, Protein, Coolwhip OH MY!!!!!!!! How to Choose Healthy Meals Throughout the Day to Stay on Track

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IMG 0262I am going to walk you through a day of meal choices I make for myself when I prepare at home and am in a pinch when I am out and about!

I have written several articles on how I always pair up a portion of protein and carbohydrates together when I eat and how I add in healthy fats. I won't bore you all with the same information. This article is strictly some of my staples I will eat through out the day and when I am in a pinch driving around in a hurry and I didn't have time to plan out what to bring with me to eat. Sometimes I have to make the best decisions with what I have around me to choose from.

MEAL 1: The KACHAVA Meal drink. In my video below I explain a bit more about fiber and how it is calculated into your carbohydrates. "On Nutritional Facts food labels, the grams of dietary fiber are already included in the total carbohydrate count. But because IMG 2821fiber is a type of carbohydrate that your body can't digest, it does not affect your blood sugar levels. you should subtract the grams of fiber from the Total carbohydrate."

And I will not, I repeat will to give up my cool whip hahaha I think it is the biggest bang for my calorie buck when it comes to satisfying my sweet tooth.

MEAL 2: My hard boiled eggs! People that know me well know how much of a staple hard boiled eggs are in my daily meals. When I use to work at the salon,I kid you not, I would just throw a dozen eggs in my lunch bag and mix it up with all kinds of mini meals through out my day. Once I boil them, I will either just eat them plain (4 egg whites= a portion of protein and I will include 1 or 2 yolks.)

IMG 0265I sometimes make:

  • Egg Salad with light mayo, celery, and avocado all mashed up and maybe a little lite ranch dressing.
  • In my video below I show how I eat it as a post workout meal with roasted potatoes. 
  • Egg sandwhich on Sourdough bread (I use Sourdough because it is one of the lowest bread on the glycemic level). 

MEAL 3: This meal in my video below was the meal I chose in a pinch from Dunkin Donuts. It is the Power Breakfast Sandwhich and how I try to make it the cleanest I can!

IMG 2759MEAL 4: My "go to" protein bars has been Pure Protein Bars since I was 18. I think I have tried every protein bar under the sun and these have always been the ones I go back too! They are pretty good that even my picky Italian mother will eat them hahah I will either eat the bar alone or I will pair it up with an apple.IMG 2008 2

MEAL 5: My post workout meal with my eggs and roasted potatoes also shown in my video below. I will also make stuffed peppers! I make a lot of different meals with ground turkey, be it with peppers, brown rice, roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes. The key to all my meals is IMG 2754minimal salt and try to keep it as clean as I can.

IMG 2780MEAL 6: If I am really hungry before bed, I WILL eat something small. I can NOT go to sleep hungry. I do not care what any literature says, that is just my body. Believe me when I say I have tried many many times. My body will wake me up and scream at me to eat something. My blood sugar has a tendency to drop. I am not diabetic, I have just always been like that. It is important for me to keep my blood sugar stable as I can. There are times I will eat a protein bar in the middle of the night especially if I am training a ton before a fight. 

This last meal is super light though, I don't like scarf down 2 plates of pasta and salty buttery popcorn! ha It usually consist of Greek Yogart with light sugar, a rice cake with Sunflower Butter, string cheese, protein bar etc.IMG 2045

There you have it. I am pretty simple when it comes to eating. I like to eat to fuel my body and like I mentioned earlier keep a even flow with my blood sugar to avoid crashes and dips. I do not really have like a major cheat meal like the Rock, if anyone of you follow him you know what I am talking a whole loaf of French toast with a whole bottle of syrup would put my stomach on the back burner for days hahah. I will eat like little cheat things through out the week. If I want a little of this or a little of that..I will have it. (unless I am training and my weight is on point) I will have that glass or two or three of wine or drinks. I strongly believe in the 80/20 rule! What you do 80% of the time is what I truly believe matters!!!!

Always Thankful, Katie

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"Make time now for health and nutrition or make time later for medicine and Doctor bills and appointments"-Katie Redmond

"Healthy does not mean starving yourself EVER"

"If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food"


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