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"Go Big or GO Home" From Our Masstiff and Pitbull Doggies, to a Huge Bella Bouncy Obstacle Course, to a Fat-Tire off-road Bike, is our Motto!

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 Go big or go home!!! That seems to be our family motto from bikes, slime, orbeez,  dogs, to a 250 gallon fish tank to a 75 ft rented bouncy house!!!!!!

In todays world especially with Covid we have to think of alternative ways to keep ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally healthy. We have not had one outing as a family since Covid hit, which it is hard to believe it has been eight months now! We have done TONS of crafts and creative play inside and outside to keep our bodies and minds positive. 

Dante's birthday is on Halloween, but the weather is always so unpredictable here in Chicago. So we decided to have a little early birthday fun! We can't go to Bella's Bouncies so we brought Bella's Bouncies to us! No way am I going to let covid win! hahah 

We are blessed to have been quarantined with three other families in our neighborhood since this whole crazy pandemic started. I am SO happy they got to all have an amazing day of pure fun and joy! Someone once told me there are two amazing sounds a child makes. Laughter and quietness when they sleep, and yesterday was exactly THAT! Laughter all day and a great nights sleep! It was well worth it! 

Linked below are some fun items you'll see in my videos!




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