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Wednesday, 07 July 2021 15:43

You are exactly where you are meant to be!

You are exactly where you are meant to be! That is the truth, you can either decide to embrace that or fight it. But the truth is we are not really the ones in control. We plan and we strive but ultimately we HAVE to trust the journey and for me I trust in God with all my heart! Whatever it is, believe in something. Believe that the only thing we CAN control is how we react to the circumstances and people in our life and it doesn't always run smoothly over the course, but then again you already knew that!  IMG 3506

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Blood Clot WinnerIt is not a surprise how much I love the sport kickboxing. How much I love to train hard. Those that know me know that training and working out hard is what I love to do aside from my family. It is my therapy and outlet.

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