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Valentine's Day is around the corner and to those that have younger ones, here is an article to help with the boring winter blues and a fun Valentine's Day craft idea!!!! Happy Valentine's Day! If anything, give yourself a hug! Write yourself a Valentine and write down 6 things you love about yourself!!! Write down things you are going to do for YOU and that you are most proud of. YOU ARE SPEACIAL!!!! YOU ARE SO LOVED!!!

 I am SO grateful to have you all on this journey with me!

Always Grateful, Katie

I Was in it to win, with an Unknown Blood Clot and All!!! AWARENESS IS KEY!

It is not a surprise how much I love this sport. How much I love to train hard. Those that know me know that training and working out hard is what I love to do aside from my family. It is my therapy and outlet. When I was younger, I remember watching Rocky 4 with my brothers when it first came out and I was 7. After the movie was over I remember going into my room and pretending I was training like Rocky. I thought it was cool to  have beads of sweat roll down my face. When I would "play house" with my friends I was the girl who had a pretend black eye because I thought it was cool and tought.

Indoor Illinois Winter Projects to Help Keep Kids Entertained and Busy

IMG 2398I do not know where most of you live, but here in Illinois it has been a boring winter. I am not one for the cold, but if it IS going to be winter I at least wish it would snow more for a little change of scenery and fun!!!

At least if there's enough snow we could go out and play in the snow, go sledding and ice skating. My poor kids are stuck inside most of the time now and I have to admit I find myself getting antsy too. Our rule in the house is not to run, and in the same breath I find myself having obstacle course races,  playing tag in our family room, play fighting and then we all end up getting yelled at by my husband because we are usually too loud when he is on a work call hahaha. Aside from our workouts we get from my Instructor at Seong Hea's Martial Arts Academy, I have to be VERY creative in getting their energy out and keep their mind busy when we are not in E-Leaning school. 

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